Established in 1949. Sundervati Mahila Mahavidyalaya holds an important position in imparting women education in Bihar. In addition to intermediate teaching in the faculties of Science, Arts and Commerce, the college offers B.Sc. Hons. in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, B.A. Hons. in Economics, Political Science, History, Sociology, English, Hindi, Sanskrit and B.Com. Hons. in Accounts. The college has a highly experienced and devoted team of teachers who believe not just in academic growth of students but also in their multi faceted development. 
           The college also offers teaching in job oriented vocational programmes in B.B.A(H), B.C.A.(H), OM&SP(H) and functional Hindi. For all these courses adequate Hostel facilities are made available to students. 
           We believe in all round development of students and the college has earned recognition not just in academic fields but also in the fields of extra curricular activities, i.e. sports and cultural attainments.

Dr. Meena Rani,  




Dr. Meena Rani


Date Of Birth


31. 12. 1951


Date of Appointment as Lecturer


26. 11. 1976


Date of Promotion as READER


26. 11. 1986


Date of Promotion as PROFESSOR


26. 11. 1992


Date of Appointment as Principal


21. 01. 1996


Educational Qualification


M.A., Ph. D., LLB


Academic Rank


University  Professor [English Literature]






Academic Qualification(s)




Examination Passed





T.M.Bhagalpur University , Bhagalpur , Bihar, India



Title of  Ph.D. Work

The poetry of Kathleen Raine: A  Study in Depth.



T.M.Bhagalpur University , Bhagalpur , Bihar, India




T.M.Bhagalpur University , Bhagalpur , Bihar, India



BAFinal [English Honours]

T.M.Bhagalpur University , Bhagalpur , Bihar, India



BAPrevious [English Honours]

T.M.Bhagalpur University , Bhagalpur , Bihar, India




T.M.Bhagalpur University , Bhagalpur , Bihar, India




BSE Board, Patna , Bihar, India .



Academic Achievements


Details of Research supervision

Name of Scholar




Ph.D. Guidance




i)  Shaileshwar Prasad

Theme of Struggler in the novels of Thomas Hardy

Bhagalpur University


ii) Sarach Chandra Roy

Theme of Recognition in the Novels of Jane Austen

Bhagalpur University


12. MA Research Supervision:

Theme of Struggle for Freedom and Change:- A Comparative Study of –A Tale of Two Cities and Al-Raheba [The Hostage] (Dissertation)

Treatment of Sin, Suffering, and Survival in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and Fadia Faqir’s My Name is Salma: A comparative study.

The Thematic and Stylistic study of Robert Frost’s Poetry.


Taiz university,

Republic of Yemen .


Taiz University ,

Republic of Yemen .



Taiz University ,

Republic of Yemen .

13. Expert Examiner appointed by Institutions of International Academic Repute to conducted about a dozen of Ph.D. and M.A. viva-voce examinations:


i.        Sana ’s  University, Republic of Yemen .

ii.      Hudaida University , Republic of Yemen .

iii.    Taiz University ,       Republic of Yemen .



(a) ‘The Poetry of Kathleen Raine: A Pursuit of Patterns’, Wisdom Publications, New Delhi , (1989), Republished (2002).

(b) ‘The Inner Voice’ (Poems in English), Tanya Press, Patna , 1994; Republished by Hope India Publications, 85, Sector 23, Gurgaon-122007[ISBN-817871-118-4 (2006)].

(c)  The portraits in poetry – published by Manak publication, New Delhi in 2003.

(d)  A Regular contributor to the Yemen times in Column- ‘POETRY CORNER’




16. Administrative Experiences:-

[Vide Notification No. 109-2012, dt 21.06.2012]     - From 21. 06. 2012 till 20. 01. 2013.

i.                    Member of Syndicate: T.M. Bhagalpur University , Bhagalpur , 1995-2000.

ii.                  Member of Syndicate: SK University, Dumka, 1998-2001.

  • Principal

  -  More than 10 Years.

  • Worked as Principal of a number of Colleges under T.M. Bhagalpur University , i.e.,

              i. S.M. College, Bhagalpur ,

 ii. Koshi Mahila college, Khagaria

iii. B.R.M. College , Munger



Currently Principal at S.M. College, Bhagalpur


17. Fellowship/Scholarship/Awards:

Ø      Received: Merit Scholarship from pre-university to MA classes from Bhagalpur University .

Ø      Granted: Junior Research Fellowship(JRF), UGC, New Delhi for Ph.D.  Reaserch in English Literature.

Ø      Conferred: ‘Bharat-Vikash Award’ for Outstanding contribution to the Progress of the Nation’ by the Integrated Council for Socio-Economic Progress, New Delhi, India .

Ø      Honored: with Virangana savitri Devi Phule Fellowship Award, 2012 conferred by  BhartiyaDalit Sahitya Academy at New Delhi , Dec., 2012.

18. Seminar, Workshop and Orientation Courses Attended:

In India :

·         Orientation/Refresher Courses:  Attended at Central Institute of English and Foreign Language at  Lucknow, and also presented a paper on ‘The Articles’.

·         UGC Sponsored Workshop on Vocational Education in India held  at Kolkata, and contributed a paper on ‘Prospects of Vocational Education in India ’.

·         Presented paper on the topic: Child Labour and their Right to Education organized by Social Justice Foundation, Bhagalpur on 30.12.1997.

·         Presented paper on the topic: Moral Ethics and Education in a seminar held at Bhagalpur on 12.09.1998.

·         Presented paper on the Importance of Communicative English in Present Perspective, in National Seminar on The Importance by of Communicative English in Present Perspective’ Sponsored by UGC, 6-7 March, 2000, at SM College, Bhagalpur.

In Abroad:

·         Presented paper in the National Seminar on Shakespeare’ at Sana ’ University, Sana ’ a Republic of Yemen , in May, 2005.

·         Presented paper on Thomas Hardy and his Power of Language’ National  Seminar held in Sana ’ University, Sana ’ a Republic of Yemen ,  2006.

19. Seminar Organized:

20. Abroad Visits:

Ø      Visited Republic of Yemen , UAE, Nov., 2002-2011 taught English Literature in the Post-Graduate Department of English, Taiz University , Republic of Yemen

21. Hobbies:

Writing short stories, poems, essays (in English and Hindi), and Playing in-door games.

22. Innovations in Education:

i.                Planning, designing and implementation of Reform measures in existing education system.

ii.              Generated Funds for the development of Institution/College form different Government  Funding Agencies(UGC), State Government & Self-Financing Courses.

iii.            Introduction of a number of  Job-oriented Vocational Courses at First Degree level like, BCA, OM&SP, BBA and other Professional Courses.

iv.            Computerizations of various Administrative and Student Support Systems.

23. Extra Curricular Activities:

i.                    NCC: Worked as  2nd Lieutenant, NCC(Pre-Commissioned Officer).

ii.                  Mountaineer: Contingent Commander, Bihar, All India Tracking Expedition, Kulu Manali(HP, India, 1989).

iii.                Sports: Member of Sports advisory Board, TMBU, Bhagalpur.

iv.                Debating and Culture: Keenly associated with culture, Dramatic Society, Debate and Sports activities and have been member/chairperson of various Athletics unions.

v.                  NSS: Member of NSS Advisory Board, TMBU, Bhagalpur.

vi.                Radio Talks: More than two dozen talks and papers presented to AIR, Bhagalpur.

vii.              Creative Writings: Presently writing short story, poems, literary articles in English and Hindi.

24. Memberships and Associations: 

a)          The Reference Asia’s “Who is who”(Men and Women of achievements)

b)         Included in Asia’s Who’s as a distinguished personality from the academic field

c)          Nominated for the honour of The Millennium Hall of Fame by the American Biographical Institute

d)         Honour to be the member of:

                                                              i.      Asian/American who’s who

                                                            ii.      Asian/Pacific Who’s Who

                                                          iii.      Life member of the literary magazine “the Contour”, Patna.

                                                          iv.      Life member of the Magazine ‘Mandal Vichar’, New Delhi.

25. Poems published in various Literary Magazines:

i.                “The Monsoon Rain” – Kavita India (published from –Muzaffarpur, Bihar) April’92-March.’93.

ii.              “A Shuttle” – poet (literary magazine), pub-Madras, Nov,’93.

iii.            “Irony of Fate” – The Young poet Oct,’93,

iv.            “The journey of a Gem” – Poet- (Pub –(Kerala) March,’94.

v.              “Till Morn”  –Poet – Kerala,’95

vi.            “Heaving Heath” - Poet, July, ‘95

vii.          “Last Night” - Poetcrit, (Pub- Himachal Pradesh), July,’94

viii.        “A Wreth” - Poetcrit, Jan.,’96

ix.            “Lord, Show me my Path” – Canopy (BAREILY, U.P.)

x.              “A Knock” – Contout– ( Patna, Bihar), July-Dec.,’96

xi.            “The Bliss of Solitude”  –Poet—(Madras),Feb.,’97.

26. Published in Yemen Times, Republic of Yemen:-

i.            Several Poems, like :- Come Christ the Tiger, ‘ A Shadow’, ’Honesty’,

ii.          Hymn to God’, etc. already published in the Yemen Times, “Poetry Corner”.


27. Articles published in journals/Newspapers:-

i.             “Poetry as Criticism of Life” - The Indian Nation, Patna.

ii.          “Art and Morality”- The Indian Nation, Patna.

iii.        “Walt Whitman: a Poet”.

iv.        “Theme of Redemption in T.S. ELIOT’S Poetry”,

          [ Published in Taiz University Magazine].

28. Work Experience:

Administrative Experience as Principal of at S.M. College, a Constituent unit of T.M. Bhagalpur University [from 21.1.1996 to 13.8.2002].

Teaching Experience: - [more than 35 years] up to Post Graduate Standards, both at Home and Abroad.

Served as Professor, in the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Taiz University, Republic of Yemen, from 16.11.2002 to July, 2011.

P.G. Teaching- experience: - At the Post –Graduate Department of English, T.M. Bhagalpur. University.

Teaching Experience Abroad : - At Post- Graduate and Ph.D. Classes at the Centre of Languages, Taiz University, Republic of Yemen. 

29. Fathers Name:        Late Ayodhya Choudhary

30. Husband’s  Name:  Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad Yadav

Present  Address:-           Dr. Meena Rani, 


S.M. College, Bhagalpur-812001, Bihar, INDIA.

Phone No.:                            0641-2401231 (O); 0641-2424383 (R)

Fax :                                       0641-2400446

E-mail:                          ,


Permanent Address :     62, C.C. Mukherjee Road, Adampur, Bhagalpur-812001.