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Prof. Meena Rani, Principal, S.M. College, Bhagalpur

As fragrance to flower, light to darkness and the soul is to body, our beloved students are to the college. Dear students, the college is your second home, a home away from home! Hence, you must feel free in utilizing every nook and corner, all existing amenities inside the college premises. Whether it is classrooms, laboratory, E- Library Hall, Girls Common room, Canteen, Health centre or Gymnasium, etc. they are meant as resource centres where students can sharpen their skills and add to their respective knowledge. Everywhere you can find teacher and non- teaching staff, ready to impart specialized education free of cost. Whole heartedly, they invest their valuable time and energy in nurturing your skills with clinical perfection. In fact, the college administration has formulated its ideal mission of providing -value based, as well as quality education which may cater abounding opportunities for our students. The college possesses well- furnished academic calendar and follow it strictly. From 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM all extracurricular depts., music classes, sports training etc. are being run, hence you have ample opportunities to enrich your knowledge as well as prolific skills in sports, yoga, Judo, N.S.S and N.C.C training. We inculcate virtues and good values like ethical morality, discipline, punctuality, obedience and sense of high cultural awareness, motivating students to realize inherent quality and discipline themselves on the touchstone of competitive test with this high purpose, we run U.G.C Remedial and career counselling classes regularly. The psychology Dept. of this college renders invaluable services by giving free psychological counselling & cordial and candour solution. Your motivational problems are addressed with complete privacy.

Since its days of establishment (16th August,1949) the college has been performing yeoman’s job, spreading the luminous light of learning not only in Bihar but in the neighbouring states like west- Bengal, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and even in the bording country Nepal.

We have been imparting quality education and securing the high amplitude of human resource development, through Bachelor (Honours) both in general & vocational courses, Post graduate level teaching and Research work in as many as 15 subjects. In recent years, this college has further widened its horizon by opening job-oriented courses with Honours level degree in popular vocational subjects like – Bachelor of Computer Applications, B.B.A, Office Management and Secretarial Practices. We facilitate girls with B.Ed. Degree course teaching since 2010. Our students dominate T.M.B.U academic results by securing high percentage, ensuring early job placement. Besides above said degree courses, students can avail grand opportunity of Diploma courses in N.T.T and food & Nutrition courses at S.M. College. The College aspires to initiate several skill development based courses to cater for more job opportunities in the next few months which may ensure self- sufficiency and self- employment of women in this region. I hope, you have hilarious feelings and sense of pride and dignity by being registered with this glorious “College of Excellence”.

  Our foremost priority is to enable girls develop complete personality with sensitive heart and highly developed mind. Our goal is to produce responsible citizens and complete human beings, who can cope with all odds and eventualities of life and get ready to accept challenges of the material world. From this desk I would like to invite all prudent girls to come forward and exploit brilliant opportunities knocking at their doors. The college feels proud to proclaim that it’s worthy Alumnae have established wonderful academic, N.C.C, N.S.S. and sports records which motivate you with exemplary aspiration to do something greater. The college has brilliantly long galaxy of its promising alumnae as Doctors, Engineers, Civil Services officers (I.A.S.) C.A. , Bankers, Business women, Artists and Literateurs, etc. serving the nation and humanity abroad. I do envision grand future of this premier women’s college as every year bright students from C.B.S.E., I.C.S.E. and Bihar Boards join to be an outstanding cavalier of this amazing caravan. But dear students, beware of the vagaries of time. One, who is conscious and wiser to follow the pulse of time, often succeeds in the arena of life. Hence, you need to use time as a precious possession of life. Never waste it over hollow vanity gossip or in silly activities. It is sensible to use time that spontaneously launches you into a celebrity. Listen Honourable Bapu’s timeless words and follow sincerely-“Live today as if you were to die tomorrow; Learn as if you were to live forever”.

Your college, to the best of its resources, plans to procure the best possible infrastructural facilities to decipher your ingenuous potence and longs to see you grown up as versatile amphibians- a scientist and doctor, a technocrats and engineer, a literateur and a devout soul-saver, like Mother Teresa or legendary Florence Nightingale! That will be the best gratitude you pay back to your dear Almamater!!!

Life is not a bed of roses, nor a thorny path; it is a long journey to be covered in the measured syllable of time. It is a race to be run within a stipulated timeframe and for a fixed goal, on this ephemeral planet you may face, multitude of challenges, great or small, threatening you to give up and pressing hard to bow out of the race of life. But never surrender to such momentary and malicious threats. Remember, your true metal is tested under depressive fears of agonising and ordealsome hour, at the time of ennui and utter hopelessness remember Nobel Laureate Tagore’s spirited word- “Ekla Chalo Re….”when no one lends support, none listen your cry – don’t stop, just follow your promising goal to choose the untroddened path, pave it as per your desire and walk with passionate dreams strongly following your mission- “Only the sky is the limit!!!

  One thing more, before I sum up my words- never feel tired or exhausted nor satiated, with your achievement – that is an ominous sign, which is worse than even death. So, just work tirelessly, ever competing with the wingy wheels of time and launch roothless and countless tirades upon problems and challenges that block your path. One day you will came out with flying success. Nature would feel proud of you, granting your most desired goal you ever caressed in your bossom. Life is short and the task to be performed is long, says W.H. Longfellow. The journey of life is full of woes. There is much of sorrow and little of joy- “Happiness is but an occasional episode in the general drama of pain”- rightly said great philosopher – Thomas Hardy. Yet you have to keep your strides on even in a dark night and walk alone and discover happiness for yourself. Remember these stirring lovely words of great poet and thinker Robert Frost-


The Woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go, and miles to go

Before I sleep…



1. Name : Dr. Meena Rani
2. Date of Appointment as Lecturer : 26. 11. 1976
3. Date of Promotion as READER : 26. 11. 1986
4. Date of Promotion as PROFESSOR : 26. 11. 1992
5. Date of Appointment as Principal : 21. 01. 1996
6. Educational Qualification : M.A., Ph. D., LLB
7. Academic Rank : University Professor [English Literature]
8. Nationality : Indian
9. Academic Qualification(s): :
Examination Passed    University  Year
Ph.D.        T.M.Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India   1982
Title of Ph.D. Work The poetry of Kathleen Raine: A Study in Depth.
LLB T.M.Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India   1974
BAFinal [English Honours] T.M.Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India  1972
BAPrevious[English Honours] T.M.Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India  1970
Pre-Arts[Distinction] T.M.Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India  1969
Matriculation BSE Board, Patna, Bihar, India. 1968
10. Academic Achievements: Details of Research supervision
Name of Scholar Topic University Year
Ph.D. Guidance
i) Shaileshwar Prasad Theme of Struggler in the novels of Thomas Hardy Bhagalpur University 1992
ii) Sarach Chandra Roy Theme of Recognition in the Novels of Jane Austen Bhagalpur University 1994
MA Research Supervision:
Topic University
Theme of Struggle for Freedom and Change:- A Comparative Study of –A Tale of Two Cities and Al-Raheba [The Hostage] (Dissertation) Taiz University,Republic of Yemen.
Treatment of Sin, Suffering, and Survival in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and Fadia Faqir’s My Name is Salma: A comparative study. Taiz University,Republic of Yemen.
The Thematic and Stylistic study of Robert Frost’s Poetry. Taiz University,Republic of Yemen.

11. Expert Examiner appointed by Institutions of International Academic Repute to conducted about a dozen of Ph.D. and M.A.
      viva-voce examinations:
        i. Sana ’s University, Republic of Yemen.
      ii. Hudaida University, Republic of Yemen.
     iii. Taiz University, Republic of Yemen.

      (a) ‘The Poetry of Kathleen Raine: A Pursuit of Patterns’, Wisdom Publications, New Delhi , (1989), Republished (2002).
      (b) ‘The Inner Voice’ (Poems in English), Tanya Press, Patna , 1994; 
              Republished by Hope India Publications, 85, Sector 23, Gurgaon-122007[ISBN-817871-118-4 (2006)]. 
      (c)  The portraits in poetry – published by Manak publication, New Delhi in 2003.
      (d)  A Regular contributor to the Yemen times in Column- ‘POETRY CORNER’

13. Administrative Experiences:-

       •Dean: Faculty of Humanities, TM Bhagalpur University [Vide Notification No. 109-2012, dt 21.06.2012]
                                                     - From 21. 06. 2012 till 20. 01. 2013.
          i. Member of Syndicate: T.M. Bhagalpur University , Bhagalpur , 1995-2000.
         ii. Member of Syndicate: SK University, Dumka, 1998-2001.
       •Principal - More than 10 Years.
       •Worked as Principal of a number of Colleges under T.M. Bhagalpur University, i.e.
          i. S.M. College, Bhagalpur ,
         ii. Koshi Mahila college, Khagaria
        iii. B.R.M. College, Munger
            Currently, Principal at S.M. College, Bhagalpur.

14. Expert Examiner appointed by Institutions of International Academic Repute to conducted about a dozen of Ph.D. and M.A.
      viva-voce   examinations:
      i. Sana ’s University, Republic of Yemen.
     ii. Hudaida University, Republic of Yemen.
    iii. Taiz University, Republic of Yemen.

15. Fellowship/Scholarship/Awards:
      Received: Merit Scholarship from pre-university to MA classes from Bhagalpur University. 
      Granted: Junior Research Fellowship(JRF), UGC, New Delhi for Ph.D. Reaserch in English Literature.
      Conferred: ‘Bharat-Vikash Award’ for Outstanding contribution to the Progress of the Nation’ by the Integrated Council for
                        Socio-Economic Progress, New Delhi, India . 
      Honored: with Virangana savitri Devi Phule Fellowship Award, 2012 conferred by “BhartiyaDalit Sahitya Academy ” at
                     New Delhi, Dec., 2012.

16. Seminar, Workshop and Orientation Courses Attended:

In India :
 · Orientation/Refresher Courses:
Attended at Central Institute of English and Foreign Language at Lucknow, and also presented a paper on ‘The Articles’.
· UGC Sponsored Workshop on Vocational Education in India held at Kolkata, and contributed a paper on ‘Prospects of Vocational Education in India ’.
· Presented paper on the topic: Child Labour and their Right to Education organized by Social Justice Foundation, Bhagalpur on 30.12.1997.
· Presented paper on the topic: Moral Ethics and Education in a seminar held at Bhagalpur on 12.09.1998.
· Presented paper on the Importance of Communicative English in Present Perspective, in National Seminar on The Importance by of Communicative English in Present Perspective’ Sponsored by UGC, 6-7 March, 2000, at SM College, Bhagalpur.

In Abroad:
· Presented paper in the National Seminar on Shakespeare’ at Sana ’ University, Sana ’ a Republic of Yemen , in May, 2005.
· Presented paper on Thomas Hardy and his Power of Language’ National Seminar held in Sana’ University, 
  Sana’ a Republic of Yemen , 2006.

17. Seminar Organized:
•National Seminar on The Importance by of Communicative English in Present Perspective’ Sponsored by UGC, 6-7 March, 2000,
  at SM College, Bhagalpur .

18. Abroad Visits:
Visited Republic of Yemen, UAE, Nov., 2002-2011 taught English Literature in the Post-Graduate Department of English,
Taiz University , Republic of Yemen.

19. Hobbies: Writing short stories, poems, essays (in English and Hindi), and Playing in-door games.

20. Innovations in Education:
i. Planning, designing and implementation of Reform measures in existing education system.
ii. Generated Funds for the development of Institution/College form different Government Funding Agencies(UGC), State Government & Self-Financing Courses.
iii. Introduction of a number of Job-oriented Vocational Courses at First Degree level like, BCA, OM&SP, BBA and other Professional Courses.
iv. Computerizations of various Administrative and Student Support Systems.

21. Extra Curricular Activities:
i. NCC: Worked as 2nd Lieutenant, NCC(Pre-Commissioned Officer).
ii. Mountaineer: Contingent Commander, Bihar, All India Tracking Expedition, Kulu Manali(HP, India, 1989).
iii. Sports: Member of Sports advisory Board, TMBU, Bhagalpur.
iv. Debating and Culture: Keenly associated with culture, Dramatic Society, Debate and Sports activities and have been member/chairperson of various Athletics unions. v. NSS: Member of NSS Advisory Board, TMBU, Bhagalpur.
vi. Radio Talks: More than two dozen talks and papers presented to AIR, Bhagalpur.
vii. Creative Writings: Presently writing short story, poems, literary articles in English and Hindi.

22. Memberships and Associations:
a) The Reference Asia’s “Who is who”(Men and Women of achievements)
b) Included in Asia’s Who’s as a distinguished personality from the academic field
c) Nominated for the honour of The Millennium Hall of Fame by the American Biographical Institute
d) Honour to be the member of:
i. Asian/American who’s who
ii. Asian/Pacific Who’s Who
iii. Life member of the literary magazine “the Contour”, Patna.
iv. Life member of the Magazine ‘Mandal Vichar’, New Delhi.

23. Poems published in various Literary Magazines:
i. “The Monsoon Rain” – Kavita India (published from –Muzaffarpur, Bihar) April’92-March.’93.
ii. “A Shuttle” – poet (literary magazine), pub-Madras, Nov,’93.
iii. “Irony of Fate” – The Young poet Oct,’93,
iv. “The journey of a Gem” – Poet- (Pub –(Kerala) March,’94.
v. “Till Morn” –Poet – Kerala,’95 vi. “Heaving Heath” - Poet, July, ‘95
vii. “Last Night” - Poetcrit, (Pub- Himachal Pradesh), July,’94
viii. “A Wreth” - Poetcrit, Jan.,’96 ix. “Lord, Show me my Path” – Canopy (BAREILY, U.P.)
x. “A Knock” – Contout– ( Patna, Bihar), July-Dec.,’96
xi. “The Bliss of Solitude” –Poet—(Madras),Feb.,’97.

24. Published in Yemen Times, Republic of Yemen:-
i. Several Poems, like :- Come Christ the Tiger, ‘ A Shadow’, ’Honesty’,
ii. Hymn to God’, etc. already published in the Yemen Times, “Poetry Corner”.

25. Articles published in journals/Newspapers:-
i. “Poetry as Criticism of Life” - The Indian Nation, Patna.
ii. “Art and Morality”- The Indian Nation, Patna.
iii. “Walt Whitman: a Poet”.
iv. “Theme of Redemption in T.S. ELIOT’S Poetry”, [ Published in Taiz University Magazine].

26. Work Experience:
Administrative Experience:
As Principal of at S.M. College, a Constituent unit of T.M. Bhagalpur University [from 21.1.1996 to 13.8.2002].
Teaching Experience: [more than 35 years] up to Post Graduate Standards, both at Home and Abroad. Served as Professor, in the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Taiz University, Republic of Yemen, from 16.11.2002 to July, 2011.
P.G. Teaching- experience: - At the Post –Graduate Department of English, T.M. Bhagalpur. University.
Teaching Experience Abroad : - At Post- Graduate and Ph.D. Classes at the Centre of Languages, Taiz University, Republic of Yemen.

Phone/Fax No.: 0641-2401231 (O)
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